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Approved Tuberculin Tester - OCQ(AHP) - ATT

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Certification Support Officer - OCQ(AHP) - CSO

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Thank you for visiting Improve International's Official Animal Health Paraprofessional (AHP) training website, provided on behalf of the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). On this site, you will find all the information you need to train for the new Official Controls Qualification (Animal Health Paraprofessional) qualifications. Please follow the links above for further information.

The Approved Tuberculin Tester (ATT) course provides the training required for a paraprofessional to conduct TB skin testing of cattle in England, under the direction of an Approved Veterinary Supervisor (AVS). This course will initially be run as a pilot trial with a limited number of OV practices. Only those practices that have been nominated by APHA will be eligible to enrol on the course during the pilot.

The Certification Support Officer (CSO) course provides training for paraprofessionals who wish to work on behalf of the Government, under the direction of a Certifying Officer (CO), to collect the evidence required for the CO to complete Export Health Certificates (EHCs) for animal products (excluding germplasm/germinal products).

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