Official Controls Qualification
(Animal Health Paraprofessional) OCQ(AHP)

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Registration, Learning and Certification


It is your individual responsibility to register, enter your region of work, upload your signature and nominate your employer or their representative. Please do not ask someone else to do this on your behalf. You must supply a personal email address which you check regularly. You will be asked for online payment at the time of registration.

Employers of 20 or more OVs and AHPs may apply for group invoicing facilities, which must be agreed in advance with Improve International. If this is agreed your employer will give you an invoice code to use. Your employer will be invoiced for every use of their invoice code.

Following acceptance of your registration you will have ongoing and unrestricted access to your online Personal Training Dashboard, which is accessible via the 'Log in' link on this website. From your Dashboard you can access the online learning, update your personal data, maintain your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record and upload your case logs. It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal data is up to date at all times. If you lose your log in details you may request a password reminder by email via the link on the 'Log in' page or contact us at

If you change employment or region of work it is your responsibility to update your details on the database.



The CSO course and the first part of the ATT course are delivered and assessed online. The ATT course then progresses to a period of practical training leading to a Practical Assessment. Once your registration has been accepted, you will be able to pay and enrol on the relevant OCQ(AHP) course. You will then have unlimited access to Moodle (the learning management system) via this website.  

The time taken to complete the online training will vary and will depend on the individual's own speed of working. The CSO course is equivalent to six hours of CPD and the ATT course is equivalent to ten hours of CPD. 

You may take the online exam as soon as you complete the training. After passing the CSO exam, please allow ten working days for APHA or DAERA to grant your authorisation. After passing the ATT exam, please nominate your Approved Veterinary Supervisor and return your Sam declaration form. You must then allow ten working days from the date on which your AVS accepts their role, or from when APHA receives your completed Sam declaration form (whichever is later) for APHA to grant your conditional authorisation to TB test.



Certificates can be downloaded from your Personal Training Dashboard. There will be two certificates; one for successfully passing the OCQ(AHP) qualification, and the other confirming your authorisation from APHA/DAERA to act as an Animal Health Paraprofessional.

OCQ(AHP) - ATT will also have a conditional OCQ(AHP) certificate. Full authorisation will be awarded on passing the Practical Assessment.

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