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AHPs/COs Authorised by APHA in GB

The counts in the table below will be updated on the 1st of each month between 10.00 and 10.30am.

Qualification England Wales Scotland Total
OCQ(AHP) - ATT (Approved Tuberculin Tester) 253 53 0 290
OCQ(AHP) - CSO (Certification Support Officer) 736 214 101 853
OCQ(CO) - FCCO (Food Competent Certification Officer) 729 78 242 1027

Please note:

The totals shown will not always be the sum of the number of ATTs, CSOs or FCCOs working in England, Wales and Scotland. This is due to some ATTs/CSOs/FCCOs being registered in more than one country (e.g. working across the border in both England and Wales).

The OCQ(AHP) - ATT count gives the number of fully authorised ATTs. It does not include the number of ATTs with conditional status who are still in training. 

ATTs are currently only authorised to work in England and Wales. Any appearing in the 'Scotland' column have incorrectly entered their place of work and should be added to the 'England' and/or 'Wales' totals instead until they have updated their information.

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Counts of AHPs/COs Authorised by APHA in GB

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